TEMPE SOUR is a blues based rock band out of Tempe Arizona, whose signature  Character is derived from its four members:
Shane Scott, lead vocals/guitar;
Lisa  Marie, vocals/guitar;
Leslie Massie, drums/percussion;
Tony Galloway, bass Guitar. 

In November of 2015, the band harvested the dregs of the Tempe music culture and  Quickly distilled a uniquely sour blend of classic yet vibrant rock and roll. 

In 2017, Their original music was pressed and released as “ Tempe Sour – Greatest Hits “. 

Look for live shows in Tempe and surrounding areas, @ venues, clubs and on the air waves. 

Whether described as “sweet and stout” or “black sprout blues”,  Music/Rock fans alike will savor the flavor of the complex brew known as, Tempe Sour. 

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